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Integration by Combination of Methods

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 »  Integration by Combination of Methods
    →  when possible, combine the methods learned to work out the integration

one example

how to integrate sin2x-49cosxdx ?

The answer is "substitute sinx=y and again substitute y=7secθ".


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The outline of material to learn "Integral Calculus" is as follows.

•   Detailed outline of Integral Calculus

    →   Application Scenario

    →   Integration First Principles

    →   Graphical Meaning of Integration

    →   Definition of Integrals

    →   Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

    →   Algebra of Integrals

    →   Antiderivatives: Standard results

    →   Integration of Expressions

    →   Integration by Substitution

    →   Integration using Identities

    →   Integration by Parts

    →   Integration by Partial Fraction

    →   Integration: Combination of Methods